Illawarra  Working
  Kelpies         Hawke's Bay,   N.Z.
Founded   2008 -  Our Families Business and Passion


  • To breed dogs of exceptional working natural ability, from  proven Australian blood lines, and a pleasure to work.
  • Select for temperament, high intelligence, and ability, resulting in friendly, calm, steady natures,  & quick learning.  Also dogs that can think and work things out for themselves, with a minimum of commands.
  • Thoughtfully match pups with their new owners requirements.
  • To have happy, satisfied customers who will recommend our dogs and our business.
  • To supply quality dogs for Farm & stock work.  Also some pups could be available for Agility and  Companions..
  • To also enjoy and have fun with our dogs, and for them to have a great quality of life with us.

  • All pups are evaluated for their personality and temperament,then are matched to their new owners requirements.
  • All pups are Veterinary checked and have had their first Vaccination - Vanguard 5 vaccine
  • All pups come with a folder containing breeding lineage, parents photos and Kelpie Handy Information.
  • We regularly air-freight pups to almost any area of New Zealand where there is an airport.
         This is a quick and economical way of getting your pup home and we arrange everything for you.

      ABOUT US
  • Illawarra Working Kelpies was formed in October 2008 by  Ken McNeur and his family.
  • We managed a 1680 acre, cattle station in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand ( Farm sheep sold after flood 2011-705mm )
  • Our dogs worked on the station, ranging from flat to steep hill country. -from sea to 2100 ft altitude.
  • 52 years experience with NZ sheep and cattle dogs, including 25 years with Kelpies.
  • We are members of the Australian Working Kelpie Council -( WKC ). Our dogs are Registered WKC.
  • Ken was appointed the New Zealand Representative to the Australian Working Kelpie Council.  Oct 2012.

Favourite Quote :-
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole Rodger  Carus ( writer )

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