Planned Matings  Late 2020/21

                       Illawarra Mint -  - Red & Tan  - 
Mint's  pups are showing to be really nice dogs with great temperament and ability. 1st litter by Barru Moss,
AI Mating . Mint is kind but Strong on cattle and sheep.  Lovely young female

Orders available for Mint's  next litter Due March/April 2021 - Sire :- To Be confirmed

                       Illawarra Pearl -  - Black & Tan  - 
Pearl's  pups are showing to be very good dogs with great temperament and ability.

Pearl's next litter  will be a repeat mating to Illawarra Mack - active , strong, atheletic pups and we are
impressed with these bloodlines, incorporating the working strengths of both of their mothers, Condover Kea
( Imp ) and Karana Charm II ( Imp ). Also the strong line of cattle dogs in Macks sire - Riverdale Red III ( Imp )
      FULLY BOOKED FOR LATE  2020   Sire :- Illawarra Mack   

Valler TRIX  ( NZ Bred )  - Red & Tan

Trix is a lovely natured bitch who just loves her stockwork. She has had pups by  Barru Moss who had  the
attributes that we wanted with this mating. Trix's  2nd & 3rd litters were
sired by Illawarra Mack. Good strong station dogs.
We are planning a repeat mating with Illawarra Mack - Mid  2021. Orders are being accepted Now.

Illawarra Katie ( NZ Bred   - Red & Tan

Katie is a beautifully natured bitch, loyal, talented and has a strong bond with me.  She loves yard work
on sheep and was a great asset during ewe scanning in April -aged 10 months. Very keen.
                                BOOKINGS ARE  NOW OPEN FOR  MID  2021 Sire yet to be confirmed.

                              Illawarra Faye  -   Black and Tan   
Faye is a super female with loads of ability, out of  Kate ( Avenpart Imported Parents ) by Barru Moss ( Imp ).
She has a lovely nature, very fast, and lots of natural stock sense, with a lovely temperament.

Faye produces great pups, smart, sensible, with loads of  stock sense, talent, control, plus fun in them also.
BOOKING NOW OPEN FOR  LATE 2020 / EARLY 2021 - Proposed Sire :- Illawarra Mack         

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NOTE:- SIRES:- The sires on this page are the planned dogs for mating, but the sire may be
substituted for another suitable dog, if circumstances change.


Some of our dog Kennels and runs at Illawarra.

All of the dog runs are 1/2 covered with plywood, and over Summer 80% shade cloth  covers the rest of them  to keep them cool. Nice and warm in Winter, with them facing the sun.  Great accommodation.

Behind the Kennels is a tree plantation, where the dogs exercise and just have fun.

Whelping Pens
With insulation in the walls and
under the floor.

Pups spend their first 3 -4 weeks in here. We now have a cover over part of the pen. ( warm, sunny and sheltered )

Puppy's day pen
375 sq. Metres of fun, room to play, shade and exercise.