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Most dog breeders don't think traits can be seen in young pups, and just select a pup out of a litter and sell that puppy to any customer, with no thought to their needs or their experience. We choose to spend a lot of time carefully evaluating litters and then individuals to make sure each customer gets a puppy,that is able to fit in well with what the customer needs. It is  time consuming but we have been extremely successful with this system and  we have many happy customers that are pleased with their selection. At 5 weeks old the pups are given a colour coded collar which we use until they are rehomed and this assists us with their selection. We don't do much at all until they are around 4 weeks old. Before that mostly it is up to their mother. At about 5 weeks, the puppies start exhibiting behaviour and personality and we start evaluating each puppy.
    When evaluating puppies we first watch for responses . How do they cope with being handled? How do they react to being moved from the whelping area. How do they react to being separated from other pups, mother etc.? If you turn them over, do they relax or do they panic? We worm them, and play with them;  travel with them in a car for their vaccinations and vet check, expose them to different noises, and take lots of photos. We also take notes on their files and refer to these notes when we handle that pup, and compare any changes in basic
behaviour. We see their personalities emerge.  They may be calm and relaxed and able to settle well or may be more intense or active. They may have difficulty adapting to a new situation or get stressed by noise. We monitor how they respond to being told what to do and being restrained. We also watch how they bond and react with us. 
We crate them while travelling, and observe their reactions to all these things. We teach each puppy to be calm with us. We teach each pup to sit while hand feeding a meal. This is the first lesson in training.   
We always hand feed them to make them eat gently, without grabbing at food.  We are always observing. Are they a pup that is always following closely and at our feet, maybe a pup that is more aloof or perhaps independent.   
    Other things we might look at during selection is how agile they are, how they cope with adult dogs, how they
react to strangers, hens, children etc. How they feed, how quick they learn, especially problem solving. There is a whole host of things that can be used to evaluate a pup if you have the experience, know your dogs well and know what you are doing.     Our customers give us plenty of feedback on that aspect.

      We never allow customers to come and pick their own pups out of a litter.  We select the pups
because having spent a good deal of time with them, we can tell their temperament, behaviour, intelligence,
personality,  faithfulness, adaptability, scent ability, toy responses and all the other special little things we choose for that are important. Specialty dogs like Search dogs require special traits that we are also looking for.
      We would choose a very different puppy for Big Station work, than one for a lifestyle or drystock farm. Also an Agility competitor who needs a dog that can jump, climb, be fast and high drive, compared to a young couple with little children who need a gentle, faithful type of companion dog. There are sometimes a pup which will never be a tough farm dog as they are too kind and these pups can make great companions
The customer always has the option of not taking any puppy we offer, as we want each customer to be 100% satisfied
Many customers are flexible on colour or gender and this makes it much easier in selecting a pup for them,
although we try to follow their preference as much as possible. We also might advise a customer that we don't think a particular litter or an individual puppy is the right match for them and advise against it. We work very hard  in an endeavour to ensure that to the best of our ability, that
each customer gets a good puppy that will suit them.

If you wish to purchase a pup, there is a deposit of $100 required to secure your order. Most litters tend to have a lot of bookings by the time the pups are born, or a mating has been done , so we strongly suggest that you get a deposit to us as soon as possible. It doesn't have to be for a particular litter, or it might just be for a certain abilities or requirements.     
We are always happy to spend time discussing your dog needs and what would suit your situation. We require
every customer to fill in a "
Clients Requirements Form " describing in detail as much as possible about the
Kelpie they want. We then keep this on file for you. We will try to give you an indication of what is coming up, but with regards to gender and numbers in a litter, we have no control over this. The more details we have, the easier it is for us to get you a great match to fit your requirements.     
Customers who have booked and paid a deposit are always our priority.
The normal wait for a pup that we feel is suitable for your requirements, may take from about 4 months to about 18 months; especially if the customer has special requirements,  wants a definite type of pup or from a particular breeding. Most litters are prebooked before a mating is done & pups are allocated in the order of when deposits are confirmed. You can transfer your deposit from litter to litter, and we encourage that, if the exact puppy you want is not available in a litter.  We often have two to three enquiries a week and many of these lead to firm orders, so it is a good idea that  a deposit is made to get a firm place on the list for pups.

Our Puppy Price includes  vaccination protection against serious dog diseases including Parvovirus, Hepatitis, 
Distemper, Kennel cough;  treated for fleas and ticks with " Frontline" and a  Regular pup worming program.
We also supply a Lineage Certificate, and a Dog folder with photos of the parents, training information, Kelpie care information as well as after sales advice. All of our pups are now flank tattooed and pups are registered with the Australian Working Kelpie Council in the Kelpie Register, and a copy of the Certificate will be sent to the new owner when it arrives back from Australia, after purchase.

FREIGHT  - Some people choose to collect their pups  from us, but we can also assist with transport of pups by air, and we have purchased travel crates that we hire for a small fee.. Air freighting with Air New Zealand is a great idea, especially if the pup has to travel long distances, and they arrive in great order at their destination.  Air Freight is very cost competitive ( compared to car travel ), and increasing numbers of our clients choose this method to collect their pups. We arrange everything and keep you notified every step of the way. 

Please  - Just ask - We can help                             

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