Breed Information 

                             The Australian Working Kelpie - Traits

Working Kelpies are carefully bred to do hard work in tough conditions and are working on  huge properties
covering many thousands of acres in Australia's outback, in temperatures up to 45 C. degrees  or down to Freezing point.

The finest characteristic of any breed of dog is the  capacity of the dog to be faithful. You have this and more with a Working Kelpie. Own one and you will understand this.  Temperament, intelligence and natural working ability in the Working Kelpie are the main priorities. These clever dogs have incredible stamina,
endurance and their ability to anticipate stock; even act before given a command.

The Australian Working Kelpie is equally easy to train for Obedience, Agility, Search & Rescue, Tracking,
Family companions, Farm work, Dog trials, Sheep studs, and everything in between. They work Cattle, Sheep, Deer, Goats, Alpacas, and many other animals, including Chickens and Ducks. 

HEALTH - The Working Kelpie is known to be one of the healthiest breeds of dogs in the world with very few inherited health problems. They have evolved into a tough,  hardy breed , through survival of the  fittest under harsh Outback conditions, so have few health problems if cared for properly.  Joint, coat, ear, feet or skin problems that are commonly seen in other breeds are not common to the Kelpie.

AGILITY       As for Agility, the Kelpie is born to do it.

The Working Kelpie is extremely alert, eager and highly intelligent and they can learn complex things in a short space of time.  It is obvious that the Kelpie was bred as a working dog for open country, but as many people keep them in town, then what better way to outlet the dogs energy  and quick learning ability ,than Agility.  Kelpies adapt  and excel very well to these tasks. They are fast and extremely smart on the agility course.               

The  Working Kelpies greatest happiness is being a mate, and his greatest  disappointment is lack of 
The  Kelpie resents Harsh treatment  but thrives on praise and care, and will try endlessly to please its owner. They do not thrive if left locked up or on the chain for extended periods of time.
Kelpies  need mental stimulation to be at their best, and just love to be with their owner, no matter what he or she is doing.

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    Illawarra Chief - ( Infertile male )
- CLICK ON the photo above for  Youtube
VIDEO of  Chief working Stock. Photo Oct 17

Kids and Pups- great combination


   " Illawarra Lets Start a Riot  "

Jumpers Grand Champion,
Agility Champion
ADXA ( Gold ),  JAB, GDX ,SNX,
CGC - Bronze.

  -   Noonbarra Kora x Coil  Litter1.

Of  Riot from YouTube -   training & competition