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                           Some of our Clients Comments

Illawarra Taz - 2009
We're really enjoying having Taz in the family. He's growing really well and shows a great deal of intelligence. He's quite interested in stock at the moment and can spend a long time just eyeing up the cattle and deer.             
GK  Oxford - Livestock  - Deer, Cattle & sheep ( email at 12 weeks old )   Kate's Litter No.2   sire: Clay         
and Email at 10 months
" Taz is a superb young dog, beautiful balance and strength with the deer , and such a great nature"

Illawarra Zac - 2010
Ken, we've been so impressed with your operation. Your obvious passion for these dogs is wonderful and the
information that you've passed on to us, the way you've kept us informed all along and now the quality of the dog that you've provided - a first class breeder that we'd recommend to anyone.             
VG… Blenheim  - Companion dog    Kate's Litter No.3   Sire: Clay    -     Email - Nov 2010

Illawarra Fizz - 2010
I am really thrilled with Illawarra Fizz and think you did a great job of choosing her for me. I absolutely
recommend Illawarra Working Kelpies for anyone wanting a quality Kelpie pup.
- Fizz is my first working dog so we are both learning the ropes and she has been so easy to "teach". Heaps of natural ability and has been interested in sheep from very early on.
Update Received Oct 2012  - Fizz helped me move a mob of sheep today and just loves her work. She is very smooth, gentle, and doesn't buzz around too much once she has made the head. If you put her on cattle she is a different kettle of fish though, and can leap up and snap at them on the top of the tail if needed. She is fantastic !
JS........  Blenheim                          Noonbarra Kora's first litter  x  Sire :- Coil

Illawarra Kopu - Aug 2013
I have been meaning to drop you a note for a while now to give you some positive feedback about the pup I got off you last year Kopu. She is really developing well, is very smart, keen and eager to work. She is certainly
confident and gutsy; during the ewe crutching recently she was really good value in the shed, not scared to get right in amongst the quite bolshy ewes with plenty of noise. She is such a good natured and affectionate girl and
is really good company too.    A real credit to your breeding!
David M..... Otaki           Livestock Farm                  Karana Charm x Turbo - Born June 2012

Illawarra Banjo :- November 2015
Now I have a little heading dog to compare, I can definitively say that Illawarra Kelpies have enormous courage, drive, and commitment - they are driven to work!
J R .....  Auckland   Agility & Farm dog           Noonbarra Kora x Coil  Born Nov 2010

Illawarra Tilly II :- November 2015
Tilly was very easy to break in, picked up commands very quickly and very obviously born to work stock. I have been trying to hold her back due to her age but she has been quite valuable to use on ewes and lambs due to her temperament. I have never had a young dog before that you can put immediately on training sheep and show such control and composure.
RC....... King Country - Station dog      Boanong Crystal x Barru Moss Born  15th Nov 2014

Illawarra Haze :- Dec 2016
Haze has had the chance over the past four days to help with mustering for dagging a ewe flock. She has done so well,  right into it but extremely obedient even when around lots of strange dogs. An absolute joy.
Illawarra Haze :- Dec 2016 Additional order for pup no. 2 & 3
I'm thinking that if you have a bitch puppy available from any litter and any colour suitable for the same
purposes I would like to place an order and pay you a further deposit. Any pup from the next available litter would be ideal - and we will keep in place the Spring order puppy as well.
Shane H.... King Country - Farmer -  Illawarra Mack x Illawarra Pearl   - Born Aug 2016

Illawarra Kel         :- September  2019
    I congratulate you Ken on the professional raising of your pups, it is a real credit to you.  I have to say to anyone considering one of your litter in the future, that you can buy with confidence knowing that the very best
interests of the pups and their mother has been meet from day 1, it is a great foundation to move forward with.

M. C.  -  Thames            -  Illawarra Mack x Illawarra Pearl   

Illawarra Bindi III   :- December 2018
Very pleased with this young dog plenty of guts and brains, shes really going well after a hot week mustering ewes and lambs .  She is quite firm on cattle with vision to recast on her own. Already kelpies make up a big part of my team now ,very adaptable,easy to be round.
TH - from King Country -  Illawarra Mack

Illawarra Marlee :- July 2020
You are a Master Breeder of fantastic dogs, the folder and vaccination book were the final touch of a truely
professional operation
F.H. New Plymouth - Illawarra Mack x Illawarra Faye - 2nd Kelpie for Dairy Farm

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